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Certain products used for cosmetic purposes are common causes of allergic reactions leading to the formation of white spots on toenails. The products that may cause allergic reactions on your toenails include nail polishes, nail polish removers and nail herders. Apparently, frequent variations of the brands of this products increase the probability of the occurrence of such reactions. It is not uncommon for you to get white chalky toenails from nail polish or after pedicure. The likely reason here is allergic reactions as a result of the products used in the procedures. Therefore, you may see white spots on your toenails after removing polish. According to reports, the spots on the nails may appear shortly after use or after a long period of use of these products.

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Sweaty feet : In case your feet sweat within the shoes frequently, this may sint create a condition that favors the development of fungal infections on norge your feet and toenails. Footwear sharing : In case you share footwear within an infected person, your toenails may contract the fungal diseases. Get more information about toenail fungus, including causes, pictures and how to get rid of it with treatments and home remedies. Injury on toenail, an injury on the toenail, especially at the base of the nail, can result in the formation of white spots on the toenail. It might be possible that you sustained an injury that led to the white spots but you cannot remember the injury. This is because it might take quite some time for the white spots to appear due to the slow growth of nails. It might take even up to one month for the white spots to show.

The common toenail injuries that may cause white spots are as a result of being hit or strongly pressed or pinched on the nail or at the base of the nail. These commonly occur when you accidentally: trap your foot with a door as you shut it strike your toes with a mallet or hammer ram your toes on an object such as a piece of furniture fall and hit your foot on an object place. This may happen if your service provider applies too much pressure to your nails. This might damage the nail bed or nail base leading to the formation of white spots afterward. Usually, white spots on toenails disappear on their own when the injuries heal. More commonly, the white spots grow out of the nail bed and hence get eliminated. Allergic reactions White spots on toenails may form as a reaction to various allergies.

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Vitamin E deficiency : Vitamin E helps keep the immune system strong against viral, fungal and bacterial infections. It can also prevent cancer, heart disease and liver disease. Inadequate vitamin E hence can lead to this infections and diseases which are known to cause white spots on nails. Fungal infections are also common causes of white spots on toenails. Nail discoloration caused by fungal infections usually gets larger and may even spread to other toenails.

In some cases, your toenails may develop multiple colors besides the white spots. The other common shades that may develop on your toenails include brown and yellow. White spots on toes due to superficial onychomycosis. Superficial onychomycosis or toenail fungus is a very common example of fungal infections that may occur on your toenails. The first sign of this infection is the formation of some white spots on the toenail. Normally, the infection then spreads the nail bed causing the nail to become thick and brittle and flakey. When toenail fungus or toenail bacteria that causes white spots on toenails is commonly referred to as white nail disease. The risk factors for contracting fungal infections on your nails include: Walking barefoot : This might subject your feet to soil and other conditions which may cause infections on your toenails. Nail polish : when you cover your nails with polish, there might be inadequate air in the nail which may encourage the development of fungal infections.

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Luck of this vital mineral, therefore, makes you susceptible to ailments that may lead to white lichaam spots on toenails. Calcium deficiency : Calcium mineral is fundamental for bone and beans teeth development and health. However, calcium is also essential for the development and maintenance of strong nails. The inadequacy of this mineral may lead unhealthy weak and brittle nails. Such nails will also be susceptible to injury and infections that may lead to the formation of white spots on them. White spots on toenails, iron Deficiency : Deficiency in iron can be connected with white spots on toenails. Iron deficiency leads to nutrient circulation problems and this may result in brittle toenails with white spots.

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There are many different causes of materiaal white spots on nails. These different causes result in different appearances of the white spots. Some of the common causes of white spots on nails include:. Nutrient Deficiency, white spots on toenails may be as a result of deficiencies in certain essential minerals and vitamins. Generally, lack of these nutrients leads to low immunity and poor structure of the toenails. This causes various problems in toenails including the formation of white spots on the nails. The common nutritional deficiency linked to white spots on toenails include: Zinc deficiency : White spots on toenails is one of the signs and symptoms of zinc deficiency. The other common signs of zinc deficiency is falling hair and skin problems. Zinc is an essential mineral in the body that helps maintain strong immunity in your body.

Some of the common appearances and sizes of white spots on toenails include: White spots on big toenail, tiny dots on the toenails, big individual dots on the toenails. Large lines across the toenails, a huge center white spot, several dots all over the nails. The actual appearance of the white spots on toenails depends on the causes. For example, an injury might cause mask a huge central white patch on your toenails. On the other hand, an infection or allergic reaction is likely to cause several white spots that spread all over the nail. What causes White Spots on toenails (Meaning). When you have white spots on toenails, it means that there is a health problem on the toenails or your body.

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White spots on toenails are common. But what are these white spots and what is the meaning of having them? Discover the common causes of white spots, marks dots or patches on your toes and explore their signs and symptoms. Furthermore, learn how to get rid, treat and prevent white spots on your toenails, including medical treatment home remedies. We have also inserted informative pictures at relevant sections of this page. Summary of Page contents, signs and Symptoms of White Spots on toes. White spots on toenails are very common. These white spots take various shapes, and appearance. Also, they verzadigd are of various sizes.

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