Enlist our help iitchen crisis. Kendall Farms Crème Fraîche is the ultimate kitchen quick fix that will save the day when sauces break, when the flavors of soups or sauces just dont come together or when you need an instant dessert. Click here to find out how Kendall Farms Crème Fraîche can come to your rescue. Enhance your dessert selection, kendall Farms Crème Fraîche adds elegance and interest to a variety of desserts. Click here for a list of quick dessert Ideas as well as ways to improve on some of the classics. Expand the possibilities, kendall Farms Crème Fraîche is not for fine dining restaurants only. Click here to see how Kendall Farms Crème Fraîche fits a variety of needs. The tale of Three chefs.

use creme fraiche instead of cream can improve dishes from every station in the kitchen: pantry, sauté, banquets and pastry. Click here to see our list of Suggested Uses.

Both the fermentation process and the nature of the cream contribute to the gentle acidity and clean finish of Kendall Farms Crème stiletto Fraîche. The long shelf life is the result of the naturally occurring acidity, fat content and lack of free water molecules in the product. No preservatives are added. Kendall Farms Crème Fraîche whips faster, higher and lasts longer than whipped cream. Pastry Chefs, click here for detailed whipping properties. Click here for a detailed description of what makes Kendall Farms Crème Fraiche unique. Heres how: go beyond the dollop, many chefs that use crème fraîche are familiar with its role as an accompaniment to caviar, smoked seafood, pureed soups or desserts. Discoveew alchemy of saucemaking. No other crème fraîche will allow you to transcend all notions of conventional saucemaking. Click here for a comparison of Classic sauces. Kendall Farms Crème Fraîche sauces.

use creme fraiche instead of cream

How to make crème fraîche, recipe food style

Welcome Professional Chefs and Pastry Chefs! Before going any further, you simply must taste kendall Farms Crème Fraîche. Taste logo it against the crème fraîche you make in your kitchen or any commercially available brand. Its taste and texture alone should convince you that its the best. Just wait until you learn how the unique functionality of Kendall Farms Crème Fraiche can save you time and make you money! Heres why: A combination of heirloom cultures, a long and cool fermentation process and the exclusive use of milk from Holstein cows contribute to the unique flavor, texture and function. Kendall Farms Crème Fraîche is a fine emulsion that mixes equally well with fat or water-based liquids to stabilize fragile sauces or whipped manufacturing cream. The fine emulsion provides a generous absorptive surface for carrying the volatile oils of flavor-rich substances to create flavor that insinuate and last rather than overwhelm. The patented combination of bacterial cultures allows Kendall Farms Crème Fraiche to retains its thick, luscious texture when stirred or heated eliminating the need for reduction.

How to make crème fraîche recipe food style

Cocoa butter is solid at room temperature but it has a low melting point (just below body temperature) and it does change from a solid to a liquid quickly (i.e. More about Cocoa butter, cocoa powder, cocoa powder is made when chocolate liquor is pressed to remove three quarters of its cocoa butter. . The remaining cocoa solids are processed to make fine unsweetened cocoa powder. .  There are two types of unsweetened cocoa powder: natural and Dutch-processed. Dutch-processed or alkalized unsweetened cocoa powder is treated with an alkali to neutralize its acids. Because it is neutral and does not react with baking soda, it must be used in recipes calling for baking powder, unless their are other acidic ingredients in sufficient quantities used. . It has a reddish-brown color, mild flavor, and is easy to dissolve in liquids. . Natural unsweetened cocoa powder tastes very bitter and gives a deep chocolate flavor to baked goods. .

use creme fraiche instead of cream

To make clarified butter gently melt unsalted butter over low heat until the butter breaks down and three layers form. More on Clarified Butter. Clotted (devonshire) Cream, a clotted cream produced commercially in devon, cornwall, and Somerset England. . A thick, rich, yellowish cream with a scalded or cooked flavor that is made by heating unpasteurized milk until a thick layer of fraxel cream sits on top. . The milk is cooled and the layer of cream is skimmed off. . Clotted cream has 55-60 percent fat content and is so thick it does not need whipping. .

Traditionally served with scones and fruit. More on Clotted Cream, cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is the ivory-colored natural fat of the cocoa bean extracted during the manufacturing process of producing chocolate and cocoa powder. . It has a very subtle mellow flavor that gives chocolate its creamy smooth, melt-in-your-mouth texture. . The quality of the cocoa butter depends on the quality of the bean it came from and the process of separating it from the chocolate liquor. .

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They are made to withstand moderate oven heat so they retain their texture and shape in cookies, muffins, and other baked desserts without appearing to melt (even though the cocoa butter has melted). . Primarily used in the making of cookies and brownies. More about Chocolate Chips. Chocolate Chip cookies, ruth wakefield is credited with inventing the first chocolate chip cookie. . In 1930 at the toll house Inn in Massachusetts she decided to cut up chunks of Nestlé's Semisweet Yellow Label Chocolate bar and add them to a rich butter cookie dough. . The nestlé company discovered her delicious cookie and made a deal for the rights to her recipe. .

Subsequently by 1939 Nestlé had invented chocolate morsels and packaged them in a yellow Label bag and, upon buying the toll house name, printed Ruth wakefield's recipe for "The famous Toll house cookie" on the back. Reported to be the favorite cookie of Americans, ruth wakefield's recipe has been the springboard for numerous adaptations. . The original recipe: 1 cup butter, 3/4 cup brown sugar, 3/4 white granulated sugar, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 teaspoon baking soda dissolved into 1 teaspoon hot water, 2 1/4 cups all purpose flour, 1 teaspoon salt, 1 cup chopped nuts, and. Nestlé to accommodate the changes in baking soda and use of chocolate morsels. . Once made with a mere 1/2 teaspoon of dough, chocolate chip cookies now range from miniature to jumbo and Nestlé has met this demand by producing various size morsels from mini-chips to large morsels. Recipe for Chocolate Chip cookies, clarified Butter, also called drawn butter. . Simply defined, clarified butter is unsalted butter that has the milk solids and water removed so all that remains is pure liquid golden-yellow butterfat. . The advantages of this type of butter is its long keeping quality (several months refrigerated) and its high smoke point (can be used in frying without burning).

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The batter is quite thin and is traditionally baked in a tube pan. . Chiffon cakes were developed in the 1920's as an easy variation to the angel food cake but didn't appear in print until the 1940's. . Flavorings include extracts, chocolate, cocoa powder, nuts, zests, spices or chopped fruits. Recipe for Orange Chiffon cake. Chocolate, chocolate comes from the aztec word xocolatl which means bitter water. The tropical tree from which cocoa and chocolate originate is called Theobroma which translates to "food of the gods". All chocolate begins with tropical cocoa beans. . The flavor and quality of the chocolate depends on the type(s) of beans used, how they are harvested and fermented, the roasting procedures, quality and amounts of ingredients added, and the time of conching. More on Chocolate, chocolate Chips, chocolate chips are small rounds (1/8 to 1/2 inch) (.6.25 cm) of semi-sweet, milk or white chocolate that contain less cocoa butter than other chocolates. .

use creme fraiche instead of cream

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Chestnuts, chestnuts have a glossy, mahogany-colored hard shell, and the nutmeat has a mild, subtle flavor. . They need to be cooked and are fantastic roasted and eaten while still warm. . Chestnuts are available in many forms; fresh in their shells; preserved in sugar (marrons glaces) either whole or in pieces; sweetened or unsweetened purées in cans or tubes; chestnut flour; and dried chestnuts. More on Chestnuts, chiffon cream cake, a moist and tender, light and airy cake that has the richness of a butter cake but the springy texture of a sponge cake. . Similar to a butter cake in preparation and formula (although oil is used instead of butter it relies on the whipped egg whites for its leavening, along with baking powder. . A quick and easy batter to make as there is no creaming of the fat and sugar because the fat is in liquid form (vegetable oil). . The dry ingredients are mixed together and then the oil, egg yolks, water, and flavoring are beaten. . The egg whites are first beaten separately until stiff, but not dry, and then folded in to the batter. .

The raw cashew has little flavor but roasting brings out its rich, sweet, nutty, buttery flavor. . Sold whole or in pieces, they are eaten as snacks but can also be used in both sweet and savory dishes. . They turn rancid quickly because of their high fat content, so they are best stored in an airtight container or plastic bag in the refrigerator or up to 9 months in the freezer. Cheesecake, cheesecakes have a filling made from cream cheese, cottage cheese or ricotta cheese mixed with eggs, sugar, and other flavorings. . The crust can be made from graham cracker crumbs, wafer crumbs, gingersnaps, finely ground nuts, or pastry. . They are baked in a springform pan or cheesecake pan and can have a layer of sour cream on top. . The texture varies from light and airy beans to heavy and rich. Recipe for New York Style Cheesecake.

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C, cakes, broadly defined, cakes are any flat, round disk of food. . The earliest cakes are believed to come from ancient Egypt but they were really sweet breads. cake recipes that are similar to today and contain beaten eggs date from the 17th Century. . Most of us think of cakes as a sweet, baked confection made with or without fat (butter, oil, or shortening) and usually containing a mixture or batter of flour, sugar, eggs, flavorings and sometimes another leavener such as baking powder or baking soda. . The mixture is then poured into a pan and baked until the exterior is firm with a crust, and the interior sets with a crumb. More on cakes, cashews. Cashews are a smooth, tan-colored, kidney-shaped nut. . The hard shell of the cashew is toxic and that is why they are sold shelled. . The toxic oil is destroyed when the nuts dress are bleached or roasted. .

Use creme fraiche instead of cream
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